The Rock Kind is a species of alien, seeming to be relative of the weeping angels.

They were first encountered in Rome, after The Beginner was helping out The Doctor to get his TARDIS. After the Roman Guard imapled the Doctor, they went into the TARDIS, however upon returning they realised that the statues moved and the Roman Guard went missing. The Beginner was able to teleport them away (TARDIS in Rome).

The next time he encountered the beasts was with Mardock, in a park. Seeing as Mardock was the last living thing ever, 2012 was VERY far back for him. He saw those statues and always doubted them. Mardock wanted to smash them with his hammer but the Beginner melted the metal bit to stop him from vandalising. Soon later, The Beginner was grabbed by the neck, he told him to un-melt his hammer and smash the statue that was grabbing him. When Mardock took pills for his leg injury (which The Beginner did not know it was for that, and threw them away), he though of a way to destroy the statues. He took their life force and moved it to Mardock's bad leg, which made his leg better, and the statues, just statues. (Return of the Rock Kind)

The Rock Kind

LEFT: TARDIS in Rome, RIGHT: Return of the Rock Kind

The Beginner and Jo encountered the Rock Kind in a park, who sent them into the Grand Master's lair. This was because The Writer and Spike Dimentos recruited them into an army against the Death because of an old grudge against him. They ended up being victorious against his Cyberarmy.(Battle of the Beginner)

Extra infoEdit

  • The Rock Kind are not the same as the weeping angels, but they are 'cousins'.
  • The Rock Kind function the same way as Weeping Angels, but aren't the same. They're also closely related to the Metal Kind, and Flesh Kind and the Snake Kind.
  • The Rock Kind were never named in their first encounter.