Series 1 was the first official season of Beginner's Adventures. This opened up the show as establishing the Beginner as a character much like the Doctor and by introducing the Doctor it showed his place in the Doctor Who universe.

Stories Edit

Episode Number Title Writer Notes
1 Attack of the Plant StevieGLiverpool First appearance of the Beginner.
2 The War and the Time Crack StevieGLiverpool First appearance of the Doctor. First episode with time travel elements.
3 TARDIS in Rome StevieGLiverpool First link to a Doctor Who episode. Introduction to a species related to a Doctor Who villain.
4 Skeleton in Hell StevieGLiverpool First acting role of a recurring actor Spike_Dimentos (formally spikespeed125)
5 Revenge of the Basilisk StevieGLiverpool Last time StevieGLiverpool is the only name in the credits.


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